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We pride ourselves on putting the leading voices from the Aeronautic Surface Finishing Industry on stage at our congress. We’re always looking to collaborate more with OEMs and global paint materials, equipment and turn-key solution providers to create engaging content for our SURFAIR Global community members.

Who is eligible ?

SURFAIR is where experts meet and exchange on Surface Finishing in the Aeronautics & Aerospace Industries (manufacturing, assembly, surface treatment and coating). If you and your team have had recent key technological developments, new results, improved and innovative techniques in terms of cost-saving, flexible processes, productivity and sustainability then SURFAIR is the place to show off your expertise ! Amongst previous speakers at SURFAIR are top international original equipment and engines manufacturers, airlines and suppliers as well as recognized research institutions.

Benefits of being a SURFAIR Speaker

You’ll be able to talk about your latest technological innovations to an international audience of decision-makers and experts in surface treatments (manufacturers, airlines companies, MROs, suppliers, materials and surface treatment experts, etc.) from over 20 countries. By presenting a topic at SURFAIR, you are eligible to a SURFAIR Award! At the end of the three-day conference, the SURFAIR committee will reward the best presentations and present four prizes: o The Award for Innovation o The Award for Technique o The Jury’s Award o The SURFAIR 2024 Award 

ONLY 25 chosen speakers will have the opportunity to present at SURFAIR. So please be aware that many high-quality proposals may regretfully have to be declined. 

Speak at 4 high-value sessions

 1. Sustainability & REACH Compliance
Enhancing processes for regulatory compliance: 
  • Process improvements (e.g., surface treatment, recycling) 
  • Novel surface processes and substrates 
  • Predictive simulations/tests for goal achievement 
2. Durability & Performance
Investigating environmental impact on paint/system durability: 
  •  Substitutes, organic coatings 
  • Demonstrating efficiency through tests/simulation 
3. Automation & Digitalization
Streamlining industrial processes and data utilization: 
  • Options for process automation 
  • Leveraging data for predictive maintenance and quality control 
  • Enhancing understanding through in-flight data and simulations to reduce lab tests 
4. MRO Focused Track
Addressing Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul challenges: 
  •  Designing for repair and ensuring feasibility 
  • Utilizing predictions for targeted repairs and robust treatments 
  • Optimizing solutions for quick, effective repairs and protection

How are the papers selected? 

Papers are evaluated and assembled by a high-level International Technical & Scientific Committee composed of experts from Aeronautics and Aerospace R&D. Using the information filled in the appropriate form, they will assess its industrial relevance and contribution to the Industry. It is therefore crucial for your form to be filled in with key details in each section. Focus will be on tests results, figures, applicability and benefits. Commercial presentations will not be considered. 

The committee reminds speakers the presentations should be technical than purely Commercial presentations. 
Applicants will receive a response from us indicating whether the submission was accepted or declined.

If you are interested in submitting a paper, you must fill in the form below and return it by email no later than February 29th 2024.

For every additional information you can contact : Monica VISINONI SURFAIR Project Manager (+33) 6 77 03 19 01

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