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Floriane CRESTEY

IRT Saint-Exupéry Talence

Research Engineer


Floriane Crestey graduated in Chemistry and Physics from the Engineering School of Materials, Food industry and Chemistry (ENSMAC) in Pessac in 2017 with a specialisation in Polymer Science. She worked for two years as a project engineer on the rheology of hydrocolloid wound dressing adhesives in a common laboratory between URGO RID (Research, Innovation and Development) and IPREM, a research institute located in Pau. She recently joined the COBRA project team at IRT Saint-Exupéry Talence as a research engineer to work on dry surface preparation of metals and composites for bonded assemblies.

This speaker will talk about

Sep 25, 2024
11:35 AM - 11:55 AM
Le Bellevue Congress Centre

Towards a reliable laser process for surface preparation before bonding

Floriane CRESTEY (IRT Saint-Exupéry Talence, Research Engineer)