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Safran Landing Systems

Responsable REACh – R&T


After graduating from ENSIL Engineering school specialize in surface treatment, I had the opportunity to take a position in the M&P laboratory team within Safran Landing Systems. My missions were focus on the development of new aluminum surface treatment and paint. After 4 years in the domain, I became specialist in the field and had the opportunity to lead REACh related topics such as the replacement of anodizing (chromic&chromic sealing) per silicate sealing Safran technology (that I have presented in Surfair 2 years ago) or the replacement of chromic passivation of cadmium. From 1 year now, after 7 years in the M&P department, I am in charge of the deployment of all REACh substitution for Safran Landing Systems from a M&P perspective and I co-lead the R&T roadmap on surface treatment.

This speaker will talk about

Sep 25, 2024
9:30 AM - 9:50 AM
Le Bellevue Congress Centre

Innovative Organosilicate sealing on impregnated anodized aluminum layer to answer REACh...

Alex JACOBONI (Safran Landing Systems, Responsable REACh – R&T)