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Delft University of Technology

Associate Professor


Santiago Garcia is associate Professor and head of the Materials Interfaces and Surfaces team (MIST) at the department of Aerospace Structures and Materials at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the TUDelft. His materials and surfaces research character focuses on understanding fundamental material behavior to establish material design rules that can be used to develop better materials with a more positive impact for society. To do this, unconventional material concepts and characterization techniques are usually developed at the interface between polymer and surface science, biology, electrochemistry and mechanics. His research is supported public funding and industry alike. His research areas can be grouped in three main domains: Surface treatments, coatings and structure-property relations; Functional surfaces (e.g. antiicing, adhesion, anti-corrosion); Dynamic polymeric materials (e.g. self-healing coatings). Besides research, Santiago is heavily involved in BSc and MSc education and student supervision at the TUDelft. He is also member of international boards, funding agencies and editorials and is involved in the organization of several international conferences on coatings and self-healing materials.

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Le Bellevue Congress Centre
Sep 25, 2024
10:10 AM10:30 AM

Unleashing the power of organic corrosion inhibitors in epoxy-amine coatings through novel loading strategies