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La Rivista del colore

Verniciatura Industriale/Industrial Coating is a monthly magazine addressed to the market of the industrial coatings for metallic and plastic products users. It describes and examines the whole coating process, from the technologies and the pretreatment products to the coatings application, in order to be a useful and essential working technical instrument for all the industry professionals: it is the official press service of Anver, the Industrial Coaters Association.
In each issue are published articles with the user’s opinion: interviews with the companies managers using paints or powder coatings, plants, equipments and more, integrated with direct and specific information about the technical content of their solution; in short the magazine editorial policy always prefers:
• low environmental impact technologies and products
• technologies and products which meet the standards of a better worker safety
• their applications in real cases.
Enamels, paints, powder coatings and more, technologies for the industrial application of the coating products, industrial use of the paints and the coating products.Plants, products and processes for the treatment and the industrial coating of plastic, metallic, ferrous and nonferrous surfaces, and more. Environmental awareness and sustainability, quality and control of paints and coatings as they are applied. Other coatings: anode oxidation, PVD, metallisation

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