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With training in chemistry, the Inventec team puts in the market formulated cleaning products compliant to a regulation in constant changing.

Inventec is present in aeronautics, spatial and military markets, as well in energy, transportation, metal processing, and medical sectors.
To continue in our development in the Aerospace Industries, Inventec Performance Chemicals has homologated products from our cleaning range: PromocleanTM, TopkleanTM, PromosolvTM and it has established partnerships over different products as NovecTM fluids or M-AERO range.

Created by Inventec the GREENWAYTM label, is a new corporate identity and a real opportunity of « green growth » for our customers. Our experts define and measure 10 key parameters of our products and services, to improve 33% of them without degrading any other. When this is achieved the products is labeled GREENWAYTM and certified by Bureau Veritas.

INVENTEC and collaborators are positioned as your partners in precision cleaning solutions, assisting you to define the process and products adapted to your need, to monitor the quality of the process implemented and follow your products lifecycle.

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