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GEKATEX est exposant de Surfair Congress 2020.

Gekatex and its subsidiaries develop, manufacture and distribute technical wiping, cleanroom wiping, polishing solutions as well as protective covers for robotic arms.
Gekatex provides a large range of products for a better and easier maintenance of the aircraft’s body along with more efficient cleaning solutions such as reduction in solvent consumption or minimizing the number of defects for faster and better results.For use in critical areas, our wipes have a high tear and abrasion resistance and are lint-free in order to keep the environment free of contamination.
Along with Aeronautic, our primary markets are Automotive, Electronics, Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries.
With 35 years of experience in the business of technical wiping, clean room wiping and polishing solutions, our products are recognized by many OEM manufacturers such as Airbus, Toyota, Volkswagen or Renault, in their paint shops, cleanrooms and assembly lines. We have a global presence with 3 factories : France, India and China that are ISO 9001 certified and a delivery center in Mexico for North America.

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