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Cee-Bee est exposant de Surfair Congress 2020.

The Cee-Bee® division takes pride in its many years of product service to the commercial and military aviation industry. With manufacturing in Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States, the Cee-Bee® division is positioned to serve the global aviation industry. Among available products are engine overhaul products, cleaning products, lavatory care products, light metal processing products, and paint stripping products. Our customers receive the best quality products backed by research and service.

For more than 75 years, Cee-Bee® aviation products help commercial airlines, military, aerospace, and original equipment manufacturers meet the demanding requirements of the aviation industry. All products are tested against aviation industry specifications. These products are also designed to be environmentally friendly while minimizing operating costs.

Cee-Bee® cleaners are available for most aviation applications including cleaning aircraft exteriors, removing difficult soils, and cleaning sensitive alloy surfaces. Cee-Bee® lavatory care products help maintain clean and odor-free lavatories while maintaining functionality. Cee-Bee® engine overhaul products are designed to safely remove scale and soils from turbine blades and other engine components. Cee-Bee® paint strippers are designed to quickly remove paint from aircraft and aircraft components without damaging the underlying metal or damaging the environment

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