KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL est exposant de Surfair Congress 2018.

Kimberly-Clark Professional is a worldwide leading supplier in Hygiene, wiping and safety solutions aiming at creating Exceptional workplaces.
Working with a range of companies in the aerospace industry, we have developed dedicated wiping and safety solutions to address aerospace main points of pain.
Our new Efficient Workplace approach helps drive continuous improvement in efficiency, safety and occupational health.
Let us give you a fresh perspective by assessing your processes and identifying new ways to reduce waste and hazards, driving greater Health, Safety and Productivity.
Only you truly understand your people and processes. But we can offer a different view borne from our work with a range of companies in the aerospace industry.
We can propose improvements that could include reduction in solvent consumption, minimizing the number of defects, eliminating motion or inventory-related waste, reducing waste and hazards and
improving worker safety.

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