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APS Groupe

APS group (APS Coating Solution, Benitis, Sicore, Tetrachim), 20 M€, 190 people, is the french leader of dry surface coating. APS designs, develops, applies and distributes high-tech coatings for industry. APS works in tier-one and in co-development with European industry leaders for the development of innovative solutions that meet demanding technical and environmental specifications.
The company runs its own R&D department as well as a NADCAP and FAL506 certified metallography laboratory. APS masters several different processes such as liquid and powder manual and automatic projection, tempered-centrifuged, thermal spraying (HVOF, plasma, cold-spray), plating, …
APS has six production sites in which are performed a wide range of coatings for self-lubricating, anti-adhesion, anti-corrosion, and mechanical reinforcement.

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